Bio-Toilet. The bathroom of the future, does not need pipes and produces energy

Bio-Toilet. The bathroom of the future, does not need pipes and produces energy

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Israel's HomeBiogas features a toilet that directly feeds a backyard biodigester in a completely sealed ecosystem

For the millions of people around the world who lack sewer lines or even basic toilets, the new Bio-Toilet HomeBiogas could provide an answer to waste disposal and energy production in one fell swoop.

With a manual pump that uses only 1.2 liters of water, the Bio-Toilet does not need to be connected to a water or sewer line and can use gray water.

Waste is discharged directly into the HomeBiogas solar biodigester, where it is broken down by bacteria and transformed into biogas for household needs along with other waste such as food scraps and manure.

While compost toilets may require manual flushing and can attract pests, the HomeBiogas system is completely sealed and there is no need for direct contact or manual disposal.

Based in Beit Yannai, HomeBiogas is selling the Bio-Toilet kitchen, biodigester and biogas as a package. More information

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