Keys to combining heating and respect for the environment

Keys to combining heating and respect for the environment

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There is only one thing worse than the cold, and that is not being able to fight it. Going outside when the temperatures drop seems much more tolerable as long as the warmth awaits us when we return home. For this, nothing better thannatural gas, a system ofheating that reaches every corner of the home and also allows us to enjoyHot water continuously and without annoying interruptions.

The problem is that many times our commitment to the environment can conflict with the differentnatural gas boilers that are traded in the market. However, there are multiple ways that can help us to respect the planet without the need to freeze throughout the winter.

Choose theboiler Adequate is the most important premise. Therefore, it is vital that we get rid of old and outdated appliances since these are usually the most polluting. Currently every natural gas boiler store ( has a wide range of products, many of which emit practically half of the harmful particles into the atmosphere that some years.

Thecondensing boilers they are the best example. These are those devices that take advantage of the heat they generate by cooling the water vapor before it escapes to the outside, as has happened throughout all these years. For this reason they need less gas and therefore their consumption is much lower, something extremely valuable both for the environment and for our pocket. Furthermore, when emissions are used, they are expelled into the atmosphere at much lower rates. For this reason, replace the oldcombustion boiler For a more modern and efficient condensation is a measure with which we all benefit.

Another way to reduce emissions is to save consumption. For this, it is not necessary to be cold, but only to avoid sweating due to the heating. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear short sleeves at home in the middle of January. Sweaters or sweatshirts are comfortable, warm and allow us to maintain body temperature without having to raise the temperature of the home beyond the recommended 22-23 degrees.

Likewise, we can keep the heat in our home by keeping the doors of each room closed to prevent energy from being wasted senselessly. In the same way, in every home there are rooms to which we never go, so it is recommended to close the radiators in those rooms in order to reduce consumption, savings that the planet will appreciate.

Finally, digital thermostats have become an indispensable complement since they allow us to control the temperature of our home to the millimeter. In addition, this type of appliance can be controlled from the mobile through different applications, which allows activating the heating from any point and finding our hot home on the way back without having to leave the boiler running for hours. This will allow us to sleep with a warm temperature and even turn off the heating at night since we surely do not need it.

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