Tricks to become the best dog trainer

Tricks to become the best dog trainer

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Having a dog at home has a thousand good things. Company, love, tenderness, friendship, entertainment ... However, a dog also brings with it a multitude of responsibilities and carries a training that we must master if we want our pet to contribute and not remain so much at home as on the street.

Hedog training( consists of a cluster oftechniques very varied to get our dog to respect certain protocols and react respectfully both in public and in private. Preventing it from barking at other animals, preventing it from getting out of control and trying to ensure that it is always under our command are the main objectives. However, to reach this phase it is necessary to work with our pet intensively and patiently for a long time.

existdog training courses that can be very useful in extreme cases in which our dog has already received an initial education that has been ineffective. Theprices In these cases, rounds are usually 50 euros per session, in such a way that in ten classes we will notice great advances in the behavior of the dog. This option, in addition, is usually accompanied by severalPdf with instructions that explain the keys to dog training, so it can be the most complete option if our intention is to achieve fast and safe results.

To complement this training there are also severaltricks that constitute afree basic trainingThese series of instructions can be extremely useful although they may not be enough by themselves to completely control our furry friend, so it would be interesting to combine them with the courses mentioned above. The infallible and universal tricks that we can find are the following:

  • Positive reinforcement. Reward all that good action that our dog performs immediately, help him repeat them until they are automated. To achieve this it is only necessary to use cookies, toys, caresses and even walks.
  • No to physical punishment: It is counterproductive and immoral.
  • Associate actions with gestures: Our dog looks at us continuously, so our non-verbal language can help it understand what we are trying to convey to it. For this reason, it is interesting to use different gestures to ask him to sit down, get up, or stay still.
  • Short, loud words: It will be useless if we baptize our dog with long names such as 'Scholastic'. Dogs perceive words of no more than two syllables more quickly, especially if they include strong vowels or consonants. In the same way, and as we do with your name, we can use short words to give you very specific instructions.
  • Start soon: Yes, when they are puppies they are adorable and just want to play. And we just want to hug them. But it is mandatory to find time to start the training and to deny them certain things and encourage them to do others.
  • Involve family members: It is useless if we follow all these tips if our partner or our children spoil our dog when we are not present. It is necessary to unify criteria and carry out the same actions so that the dog is clear how to act.
  • Severity: We will never hit our dog, but that does not mean we renounce firmness. It is necessary to be severe with our tone of voice and even with our attitude in case the dog makes a mistake. They are intelligent animals that will realize very soon that we are angry with them.
  • Respect their schedules: The dog is not the only one who must fulfill its obligations. If you notice that we do not respect your outing or play time, your training may suffer. Therefore it is necessary to dedicate time to them even though we have had a bad day. Our best friend will always be there to support us.

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