FREE, clean, free and inexhaustible ENERGY: the great discovery that was buried (along with its discoverer) by the Corrupt Global Power

FREE, clean, free and inexhaustible ENERGY: the great discovery that was buried (along with its discoverer) by the Corrupt Global Power

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Has there been in the history of our humanity someone who would have made possible the dream of the human being in obtaining free and free energy?

Why today only inventions and technical advances soar in the technology of computer devices, mobile phones and yet we live with an obsolete, old, polluting energy without visible advances in favor of the human being?

Why effective, novel and almost free inventions are their patents quickly bought and stored in the drawers of oblivion?

Questions that have an answer and a dark reality that today persists like a great black hand that extends even to the deepest roots of a society that is silent and aware.

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 in a small town called Smillan (Croatia). His father was an Orthodox priest. He studied in Gratz and Vienna and finished his education in Paris.

The Serbo-American physicist worked from 1884 as an assistant to Thomas Edison. Later he created his own laboratory in New York.

By 1891, he had already invented a number of highly useful devices.

Tesla at a press conference announced a cosmic ray engine. When asked if it was more powerful than the Crooke radiometer, he replied, “ thousands of times more powerful”.

In 1891 he patented what might one day become his most famous invention: the basis for the wireless transmission of electrical current, known as the Tesla Transformer Coil.

Nikola valued that his inventions helped humanity above any prize or recognition, even financial; what at that time and much less today, no scientist or inventor would be willing to offer to society. And this and not another, was his mistake. His heart was as big as his intelligence and his inventions, many of them were forgotten by the poverty in which he lived his last stage in life.

Tesla was fascinated by radiant energy and its ability to become free energy. He knew that it was possible to take energy directly by "connecting to the true force of nature."

The Earth ship needed a modern flight plan. Tesla wanted to help the less privileged nations. I knew, and nothing has changed, that thousands of people die of hunger every day, many of them children.

"Already before many generations disappear,
our machines are going to be moved by force
from anywhere in the universe!
In the whole universe there is energy "


Those who run our economy, Nikola thought, in the western world, allow us to enjoy a high standard of living, of pleasure compared to our neighbors south of the imaginary line we call the boundary.

Energy drives the economy of nations and Tesla's goal of life was to make electrical energy equally accessible and available to all people anywhere on the planet and that brought him down, he pointed out.

He was the direct object of personal attacks, of attempts to tarnish his brilliant career, to isolate him in the most absolute of miseries. However, in the face of adversity, it continued to promote its plan for wireless power transmission.

Why has energy not yet been made of equal access for all people and all nations? Why have the highly recommended free energy devices described by Tom Bearden, Jhon Bedini, Bruce Desalma and others never materialized?

Nikola was a man full of difficulties, serious and reserved, but also charming. Although he was lonely, he knew how to attract the people around him. Slim and tall, always perfectly dressed, with his aristocratic posture and elegance, he attracted attention.

He died 86 years old.

His inventions and theories were thoroughly forgotten. Why? What actually happened? Who wanted his inventions fall into oblivion?

For a while Tesla worked with Edison and admired him. But Edison did not respect him, he made him work 18 hours a day, seven days a week solving technical problems that arose.

Tesla described how he could improve the effect of Edison's generator, he replied: "I'll give you $ 500 if you can do it."

After months of work Nikola succeeded. Edison, without giving him the promised money, said: "Tesla, you don't understand the American sense of humor." Given this, Tesla said goodbye. Edison envied Tesla's big brain and his weapon was humiliation.

He then began to work in construction and later created his own laboratory.

But the energy monopolists had a lot of power and nobody wanted change. Tesla claimed that it could transmit news and energy without using wires, but the banking magnates (sound familiar?) Had already bought the copper mines to cover much of the country with cable networks for the distribution of energy.

Tesla continued to develop free power transmission around the world in the laboratory he built in 1889 in the mountains of Colorado Springs.

He created a high-voltage tower to demonstrate the free and wireless transport of energy and when he asked for more money to continue with the investigations, he was denied it with premeditated intention.

The so-called "Wardenclyffe" project had to be abandoned due to lack of budget and its tower destroyed.

“Dr. Nikola Tesla was considered one of the people
best known on Earth.
Today it has disappeared from our science books and textbooks.
What did you discover, and why did you fall into oblivion? "

Nexus Magazine

In 1934 Tesla was interviewed in "The Times" and said: "I hope I live long enough to be able to put a device in this room that starts with the energy of the media moving around."

When Nikola passed away, his great inventions of the last ten years were forgotten and he was deliberately made to be remembered for his eccentricity.

Two important facts brought the full weight of ignorance down on him: His refusal to send any article to the academic community causing it to oppose all his inventions, however magnificent they were; and their constant concern to obtain free energy, free for everyone, something that logically the lords and masters of economic power were not willing to allow in a world already channeled to be exploited only by them.

At his death, the manipulated history tried to erase its mark and exalt men like Edison who was proclaimed the father of energy and who joined the criticism against Tesla without hesitation, despite the fact that without him, Edison would have been nobody.

In 1901 Marconi sent his famous radio signal claiming to have invented radio. But it used 17 Tesla patents and the Supreme Court corrected the mistake in 1943 after Tesla's death. Despite this verdict, history has been in charge of erasing this great man who worked for humanity and not for his own benefit or that of a few.

He went against the current and they marked him the fate of oblivion.

Nikola Tesla believed in his inventions for the benefit of humanity. That is why he did not agree with the industry of that time, which saw his jobs as a great danger to sources of income.

The situation has not changed today. The multinationals do not allow the work of Tesla to be known or put into practice. They would commit suicide if the inventions of this great man were made.

His achievements include the invention of the radio, the alternating current motor, he fought for the investigation of an electrical standard, the carbon pellet lamp (high frequency light), the electron microscope, a vertical take-off and landing aircraft, the resonance, radar, electric submarine, Tesla coil, Death ray, remote control, X-ray, methods and tools for climate control, wireless video and image transmission, wireless energy transfer, propulsion systems electromagnetic means (they are the need for moving parts), extraction of energy in large quantities from anywhere on Earth, etc.

He must have been considered the greatest scientist and the best inventor in history.

Tesla died alone, forgotten, abandoned, like all the great sages of human history, in his hotel room at the age of 86. It was found by a cleaning the next day.

That same day, in the middle of World War II, the FBI was in charge of requisitioning all his materials, boxes, notebooks, ... creating the Tesla Report and making records in those places where Nikola Tesla could have annotations or references to his inventions.

Today, all his work remains under state secret. Why? What are they afraid of? Do they have the secret of free and free energy invented by Tesla and is it not convenient for it to fall into the hands of society because it would break the entire economic scheme that multinationals and economic power have imposed on us?

The invisible government, the one that is behind the real, that rigs society and submits it under its whim, has done a phenomenal job with Nikola Tesla, erasing him from history, ensuring that he was branded as eccentric and crazy, leading him to ruin and death in oblivion.

This is his story, his legacy, his life, his reality and how he was sunk by wanting to give the world a standard of living that it does not enjoy today.

We must lift him out of oblivion, put him on a pedestal and demand that his discoveries stop being hijacked and put themselves at the service of world progress.


*By Pedro Pozas Terrados, born on July 14, 1958 in Espeluy (Jaén). Naturalist. Primatologist.
Executive Director and General Coordinator of the Great Ape Project in Spain. Director of the Libertad Photographic Project.

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