Brave women fight elephant poaching

Brave women fight elephant poaching

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Akashinga, which means ‘The Brave’, is the name of the first female squad and its task is to combat the illegal hunting of elephants.

Their uniform and camouflage are to be feared, rifle in hand, protecting one of the largest elephant populations in Zimbabwe.

These women are constantly on the lookout for signs of illegal hunting. The usual practice of hunters is to use wire traps to capture the animals and thus prevent them from moving for several days until they are found.

Another of the roles of these women, in addition to avoiding poaching, It's of empower more women. Through this model of wildlife conservation, the members of this unit have shown that this type of work is not exclusive to the male gender.

So far, the Akshinga project has directly benefited 498 people. By 2030 the idea is to recruit two thousand women to protect more than 12 million hectares of African nature and biodiversity.

They also protect rhinos

Another female squad that protects animals is the Black Mambas, who take care of rhinos from poachers in the Balule nature reserve in South Africa.

Rhinos are in serious danger of extinction: It is estimated that one rhino is killed every 7 hours in South Africa at the hands of poachers.

In addition, these women protect species such as antelopes, cheetahs and wild dogs.

The mambas, formed in 2013, have an education program for the communities on the conservation and care of our planet.

This group of women is financed thanks to various sponsoring organizations and also donors from various countries around the world. In the years to come, he hopes to continue his work for a better future for animals and their communities.

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