Dutch Dwarf Rabbit: characteristics, how long it lives, weight and price

Dutch Dwarf Rabbit: characteristics, how long it lives, weight and price

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The Dutch Dwarf Rabbit it is an animal that we can host in our homes and make it part of our family without any difficulties, first of all because it does not have difficult dimensions to manage, even in an apartment, but not only. It is an animal with a good temperament that is able to establish a relationship with people, with us, that goes beyond the supply of food on our part. Let's get to know its characteristics and also its habits in depth to understand well if it is the bunny that is right for us, if we are ready to welcome it and make it happy.

Dutch Dwarf Rabbit: origins

Today it is considered one of the cutest pets par excellence but how did this breed of rabbits come about? It is a small specimen belonging to the family of dwarf rabbits, as is the well-known lion's head rabbit, for example, and is the result of the crossing of some species of rabbits that have spread in the Netherlands, then arrived in England in 1950. It has always been a cheerful bunny that immediately pleases and conquers.

Dutch Dwarf Rabbit: characteristics

Soft and compact this little creature that we can recognize in the category of dwarf rabbits for a curious one can be mistaken for a soft toy white speck on his head, with dark spots around it. This is his "stamp of quality" for the rest it is a two-tone rabbit with a small tail that is difficult to see as it is close to the body and hidden in the thick hair

Let's get to know its character because its meekness is one of the trump cards of this rabbit that wins more and more fans in all parts of the world. The ease with which a Dwarf Dutch Rabbit can be handled at home is amazing, believe me. He almost never has outbursts of nervousness and even less of aggression, he has a quiet disposition and he knows how to behave with gentleness even when there are some nasty children around. Of course, with our attitude we can influence its attitude, especially if the small rodent has been with us since its first months of life.

It is therefore very important to take care of the social aspect and make sure that he gets used to pampering and physical contact even if he already has a need for affection and a calmness in dealing with those who meet and do not constitute a danger. If we really have to complain about something, given that there are none of perfect beings, it concerns yours passion for gnawing. If you host one then take into account that it will leave its traces on the furniture of the house.

Dutch Dwarf Rabbit: weight

The maximum weight that a specimen of this breed can reach is 3 Kg. That's right, if yours weighs more, you better put it on a diet and speaking of diet, here's what it eats. Sweets and chocolate, which can cause serious damage to health, should be avoided on his "plate", and since his teeth never stop growing, it is very important that the diet favors the right length of incisors and molars and is therefore rich in grass, hay and vegetables.

Dutch Dwarf Rabbit: how long it lives

The maximum life expectancy for one of these sweet little animals is about 15 years, if you raise it with care and love. So here are some tips to make it live as long as possible. First of all, we try to host him in an environment favorable to him, an accommodation free of dangers such as i electric cables, and that it is not even a cage because it is not needed in this precise case.

A simple one is enough fence to isolate it if we leave it alone at home and we can also buy it comfortably via Amazon where there are excellent deals like this, at about 50 euros. He also needs a comfortable litter box filled not with cat sand, toxic to the Dutch rabbit, but with wood pellets which you can always stock up on Amazon, with a click. I recommend cleaning, however, and not only the accommodation but also the rabbit itself. We must in fact take care of its splendid coat brushing it especially in the summer while he thinks about licking it daily. Do not dare to give him a bath because it would be a real trauma for him, and also a risk of getting pneumonia.

Dutch Dwarf Rabbit: Diseases

If your loved Dutch Dwarf Rabbit he stops eating and has no desire to interact, or if he has diarrhea or vice versa he does not produce stool, there is something wrong and it is better to listen to these first alarm bells and take him to the vet. If he does not have this type of symptoms, we can be more serene and help him keep fit by letting him do some exercise and avoid the softening of muscle mass which could cause paralysis and depression. In fact, the vaccines, especially those against mixo and mev.

Dutch Dwarf Rabbit: price

Were you conquered by this pet? Are you sure you have the time and also the desire to treat it properly? Well, then you can safely buy one by spending an amount that arrives maximum to 50 euros. Be suspicious if the price they offer is much higher, but even if it falls below 20 or 30 euros.

When we have it in our hands and it is ours, we can take the trouble to train it to follow our instructions, respecting its freedom and dignity as an animal. Being a very sociable and intelligent breed it is good to stimulate interactions and let him play even with children as long as they are not too young because of his habit of nibbling.

Taken by enthusiasm, you might even think about buying a pair and giving these rabbits a nice litter. In that case it may be useful to know that its sexual maturity for both sexes reaches around 5 months and it is therefore at this time that the first coupling can take place. There is no precise period of the year for mating which is always possible, the mating takes a few seconds, the gestation takes about a month and the delivery takes up to half an hour.

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