2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: what it is and what its objectives are

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: what it is and what its objectives are

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Themes related to the future of the planet and to resource conservation, as well as the reduction of pollution and the respect for the environment, are increasingly in the limelight globally. Action is urgent: it applies to citizens as well as to industries, with their wide operational and action range.

To take the most correct path, the governments of the 193 member countries of the United Nations have drawn up and signed2030 Agenda for sustainable development. It is an action program that aims to ensure the well-being of people and their prosperity. The green indications contained in the 2030 Agenda concern all components of society, public and private companies, culture and information operators: no one is excluded from the mission of Earth protection.

The road map and the objectives to be achieved

The 17 main objectives that the 2030 Agenda crystallizes and indicates as essential goals refer to a set of issues of crucial importance for the sustainable development of the planet. The three essential components for sustainable development are examined in a completely balanced way: the ecological, social and economic dimension.

Defeat hunger and poverty, focus on health and education

The aim is to eliminate extreme poverty in the world by 2030, which is measured in people living on less than 1 dollar and 25 cents a day. In addition, in order to defeat hunger, the commitment is to ensure sustainable food production systems, applying policies for the conservation of ecosystems. Another milestone is health: it is decided to put an end to the epidemics of AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis by the established date. As well as all those diseases related to the use of water. The right to quality education is promoted, aiming to increase the number of people who have the necessary skills for decent jobs and entrepreneurial skills.

Gender equality, clean water and accessible energy

Gender equality is an important goal: it is necessary to eliminate any harmful practice - for example, the marriage of girls and female genital mutilation - as well as favoring the effective participation and equal leadership opportunities of women at any level of decision-making processes. Universal access to drinking water is another absolute goal, just as it is essential to ensure energy services at affordable prices.

Work and innovation, fight against inequalities and sustainable cities

The aim is to reduce the number of unemployed young people who do not study or attend training courses. In addition, measures are taken to eliminate forced labor and forms of child exploitation. Inclusive and sustainable industrialization is promoted, infrastructures are updated making them modern, with particular regard to the use of clean technologies. The perspective of reducing inequalities is also important: social, economic and political inclusion is promoted regardless of age, race, origin, religion and economic status. As for cities, the commitment to the protection and safeguarding of the cultural and natural heritage is strengthened.

Responsible consumption, climate change and the protection of life

The 2030 Agenda highlights the halving of global per capita waste of food waste and the reduction of food losses in the production and supply chains. The production of waste must be significantly reduced through recycling, reuse and prevention policies. The alarm bell of climate change has already sounded: the aim is to integrate strong contrast measures into policies, strategies and national plans. Life must be protected, both underwater and on Earth. The consequences of ocean acidification must be reduced and addressed with broad scientific cooperation. In addition, desertification must be fought and land affected by drought and floods must be restored while preserving the land.

Justice and partnership for goals

It is essential to strengthen national institutions for a greater capacity to prevent violence, terrorism and crime. The rule of law must be promoted nationally and internationally, ensuring equal access to justice. The network of objectives must naturally take into account some totems such as finance and technology, but also trade: every aspect must converge in partnerships to strive for the sustainable development goals.

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