Mythological animals: complete list

Mythological animals: complete list

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The mythological animals they are certainly no less fascinating than the real ones, they have their own stories, they also hide pieces of our culture, or that of some other country in the world, they can scare us or bewitch us but they are never without interesting meanings and always protagonists of myths, stories, legends that excite both adults and children. Let's get to know some of these creatures, we tell 10 even if there would be many more to reveal.

1) Mythological animals: Phoenix Arab

The phoenix, l'Phoenix, it is a bird fruit of the imagination of our ancestors, it is sacred and naturally has a very "creative" aspect. We can describe it in words by saying that it is a kind of golden eagle but sporting a plumage with many colors. It is not over, the wonder is that its neck and the color of gold, in strong contrast with the blue of the body and the red of the tail. It is immortal as a creature, and defends itself with its tapered beak and claws. Just why never Dies, this bird has become over the centuries a symbol of renewal and regeneration, it is usually mentioned when dealing with overcoming personal disappointments and defeats.

If you are wondering where such an animal comes from, the answer is from Ancient Egypt. In fact, at that time it was said that every 500 years it could be reborn after the purification granted by fire.

2) Mythological animals: Dragon

Dragon or better dragons, because many and they meet in stories, myths, legends and religions. They are usually depicted as reptiles but with wings, a little aggressive and not always in a good mood. The beauty of dragons is that there are a little of them from all over, in all continents, and each has interpreted them in their own way. The two inevitable characteristics are that they breathe fire and can fly.

In China there is a very particular cult for these mythological animals, we often find them depicted in monuments, books and works of art. Going deeper it can be discovered that this large family of creatures is divided into different species such as those of the sociable dragons capable of changing appearance, the Moo-Kuna, or the intelligent ones, such as the Sirrush, or even those able to bring drought or heavy rain, such as Shenlong.

3) Mythological animals: Faun

God of agriculture and shepherds, Faun comes to us directly from Roman mythology, he was considered a prophetic deity and in many of our cities, in the North, Center and South, we can see him depicted in statues, monuments and paintings.

We find the same figure with the same characteristics also in the Greek mythology and in that case it bears the name of Pan. If you want to imagine it, think of it as a mythological animal resulting from a collage of real animals. It has ram legs, a human body and goat horns, it used to roam the woods and plains, hunting its prey.

4) Mythological animals: Goblins

We also find them in fantasy books and movies but i Goblin they are also somewhat malignant mythological animals that have the appearance of man. They are short and stout, and by no means good or nice. In popular legends we find them referred to as perpetrators of kidnappings of women and children. They replaced them with their own monstrous children. They are also accused of raping women to improve their species.

They are able to assert themselves against man because even if they are short I am really a bundle of muscles. In Italy they are not very present in artistic representations, we find one in Sicily, it is said that they lived around Etna

5) Mythological animals: Griffin

The Griffin it's pretty easy to imagine because only two creatures that we know well need to blend together. The lion and the eagle. To be exact, these mythological animals of the lion have taken the lower part for which they have a yellow ocher coat, tail and powerful legs. And from the eagle they took the upper part, then covered with golden feathers, fierce claws and a sharp beak. It is considered a feline, one of the strongest in the world, and we find it above all in the legends and myths of Middle East, between Babylon, Persia and Assyria. Also appears in Greek mythology, Apollo uses some specimens to defend his treasures.

6) Mythological animals: Manticore

If so far perhaps you have already heard of these mythological animals, this perhaps never. Yet it exists and enters into various European legends even though it lives in ancient Persia. Also in this case, the lion is involved, the Manticore it has the body but the head is human, then it has bat or dragon wings and a tail that resembles that of a scorpion. The result, although monstrous, can remind one Egyptian sphinx. However, he is a rather negative figure, Yes feeds on human flesh first of all, and kills the two prey by throwing poisonous thorns. Not for nothing during the Middle Ages it was a symbol of tyranny, envy, oppression.

7) Mythological animals: Minotaur

Let's move on to minotaur which is certainly one of the best known mythological animals in the world. With the body of a man and the head of a bull, within the myth that sees him as the protagonist, we find him prisoner of a labyrinth in a palace on the island of Crete. He ate men too though and to be precise 7 men and 7 women every year. We have to wait for Theseus to arrive to annihilate him.

8) Mythological animals: Pegasus

Pegasus is also a rather well-known fantasy animal, and has the shapes of a winged horse. We find it depicted as a creature of white or black color, with two wings, which flies and at the same time runs in the sky, galloping. It is an animal often used in both the world of cinema and literature. It is said that Zeus himself used it - God of heaven and earth - and that he was born from the blood of Medusa, when she was beheaded by Perseus.

9) Mythological animals: Mermaid

Fascinating Greek mythological figures of origin, the sirens they are quite well known and have a sometimes negative and sometimes positive connotation. They are women with a fish tail instead of legs. In the Odyssey we find them described as bewitching and deceptive creatures who want to divert our hero Ulysses from the goal of his journey back home. Homer describes them as marine singers living on an island near Scylla and Charybdis who tempt Odysseus with the invitation "to know more things". Only with the help of the sorceress Circe, Ulysses manages to save himself. In the history of cartoons, however, we find the Mermaid, inspired by a tale by Andersen, a good and sweet creature.

10) Mythological animals: Unicorn

Very fashionable in recent times, in fact, there are gadgets that depict them, unicorns are legendary creatures with a horse's body and a single horn in the middle of the forehead. We find them used in heraldry, but with the forked hooves of deer and ox, the tail of the lion and a goat's beard under the throat. It should also be remembered that the unicorn is one of the emblems of Scotland and in fact appears as a support in the coats of arms the United Kingdom, Nova Scotia in Canada, and Canada itself. But Lithuania also has it in its coat of arms.

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