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The choice ofbest shampoo for your dog it is not easy because the market offers different types of shampoos and it is not always easy to consider all the variables that lead us to identify the best product for our four-legged friend.

In this article you will find the review offour quality dog ​​shampoos that our editorial team has carefully tested and evaluated for you, listing strengths and weaknesses.

After the reviews, you will find a section dedicated to answering the questions that users ask themselves to evaluate the best purchase, based on our experience.

In choosing the ideal shampoo for our dog we will also have to think about what we believe to be the most important factors both for us and for our four-legged friend: for example, it is possible that it is particularly important for us that the shampoo has no substances allergen for our dog or that it is scented to make the presence of our four-legged friend pleasant.

Wahl dog shampoo - the best

The Wahl dog shampoo it is the best product to choose for our four-legged friend thanks to its soothing, moisturizing and delicate solution that allows to prevent itching and dry skin.

The product is supplied in a 5-liter tank which, if diluted in water, reaches up to 55 liters, therefore it is advisable to purchase it from the moment you no longer have to think about it for a long time.

The moisturizing treatment is guaranteed by the presence of vitamins C and E as well as various essential oils. Furthermore, this product is also very pleasant for us masters due to the excellent smell it releases to our four-legged friend.


  • scented
  • moisturizing
  • presence of vitamin C and E
  • presence of essential oils

Points of weakness

  • quite expensive


30,70 € shipping included

Find more information about this product for dogs on this dedicated page on Amazon.

Vet's Best dog shampoo: the cheapest

The Vet's Best dog shampoo despite being the cheapest, it looks like a quality product.

The application of this shampoo is ideal for dogs with itching caused by various allergies or with dry and sensitive skin, and thanks to the herbal fragrance, our four-legged friend will smell fresh.

This shampoo can be used as needed to remove allergens without drying our dog's skin.

It is very important to emphasize that this product does not interfere with typical flea and tick products, and it is also safe to use on puppies.


  • gives relief against itching
  • removes allergens without drying the skin
  • does not interfere with flea and tick products
  • ideal for dry and sensitive skin

Points of weakness

  • very strong herbal smell


12,59 € including shipping

Find more information about this product for dogs on this dedicated page on Amazon.

Petpost dog shampoo: the most fragrant

The Petpost dog shampoo thanks to the fresh scent of watermelon it is the best solution for those who want to have their four-legged friend constantly scented.

This shampoo is particularly recommended for all those who have a four-legged friend with white hair: thanks to the innovative whitening formula of this product it is possible to obtain a whiter hair than ever, moreover the skin remains soft thanks to the presence of coconut and oats.

An important detail to emphasize about this product is the total respect for the environment and the animals that the producers have: all the packages are recyclable and only natural ingredients are used.


  • very fragrant
  • makes the belle soft
  • whitening effect
  • respect for animals and the environment

Points of weakness

  • the scent disappears quickly


13,97 € shipping included

Find more information about this product for dogs on this dedicated page on Amazon.

Solaro H dog shampoo: the most nourishing

The Solaro H dog shampoo it is the most nutritious solution to offer to our dog's skin thanks to the presence of snail slime.

This shampoo in addition to being very nourishing is also anti-odor thanks to the presence of apple stem cells.

This product is only suitable for those who have a long-haired four-legged friend.

Solaro H shampoo is excellent for eliminating the typical odors of a four-legged friend for a long time.


  • nutrient solution
  • anti odor solution
  • presence of apple stem cells
  • solves dry skin problems

Points of weakness

  • only suitable for dogs with long hair


28 € shipping included

Find more information about this product for dogs on this dedicated page on Amazon.

Our answers to the most frequently asked questions of those who are considering the purchase

Question: What are the most important characteristics to evaluate in order to buy the best shampoo for my dog?

Answer: Surely one of the most important factors concerns the ingredients: the shampoo must contain ingredients that do not cause allergic reactions to our dog.

Question: What are the benefits of buying a nourishing dog shampoo?

Answer: Our four-legged friends often love being outdoors for this reason it is important to wash them with a nutrient-rich shampoo to prevent dry and itchy skin.

Question: Is a scented or neutral shampoo better?

Answer: A scented shampoo is much better if you keep your four-legged friend at home.

It is important to assess that the effect of the perfume released by the shampoo lasts over time!

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