Mite sting: how to recognize and cure it

Mite sting: how to recognize and cure it

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Most insect bites are not serious, and tend to get better on their own within hours or days. However, it is also true that they can occasionally become infected, cause a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis), or spread serious diseases such as Lyme disease and malaria.

Among the less "serious" bites there are usually those of mites but ... how to recognize them? And how to treat them?

What are dust mites

The dust mites they are microscopic insects, not visible to the naked eye, which can be found in all types of environments.

Unfortunately for us, mites feed mainly on skin cells. And given the fact that one person sheds enough skin in the house to feed millions of dust mites a day, this means that our apartments are ideal territories for hosting millions of dust mites!

It is also true, to aggravate the condition we are talking about today, that dust mites are almost impossible to get rid of completely. However, there are some things you can do to help rid your homes of most of these arthropods that cause allergies and other harmful consequences.

Symptoms of mite bites

Fortunately, the mite bites they cause no particular consequences, except a redness and an itch in the area of ​​the bite.

However, some people may develop a common type of allergy that is easily manageable in most cases, resulting in symptoms typical of dust mite allergy such as:

  • Red eyes,
  • a runny nose,
  • sneezing
  • cough,
  • nasal drip,
  • itchy throat or nose.

People who suffer from asthma could also trigger their asthma symptoms precisely because of these stings. In any case, due to the similarities with other allergies, it can be difficult to distinguish an allergy caused by dust mites from other allergic forms, thus recommending a test.

Treatments for mite bites

As we have already stated in the preceding lines, it is almost never necessary to intervene pharmacologically for treat mite bites.

The speech of allergy sufferers is different. In these cases, decongestants, such as nasal sprays, can help relieve some of the symptoms of dust mite allergy, including itching or a runny nose.

In addition to this it may be useful to discuss with your doctor the use of antihistamines to help reduce allergic reactions, such as watery eyes, or nasal steroids to reduce inflammation and open the nasal passages, or finally inhibitors. leukotriene, which block allergic responses.

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How to prevent mite bites

As with any allergen, limiting exposure is the best way to prevent an allergy to dust mites and, in general, all the problems that could arise from too close a relationship with these insects.

Unfortunately, however, with microscopic dust mites that potentially live on any surface of the house, limiting exposure can be difficult!

We therefore suggest that you follow these simple and practical tips, which could help you limit exposure and prevent symptoms of mite bites:

  • put mattresses, pillows, and other fabric objects that you are not using inside well-closed boxes;
  • use pillows with synthetic fibers;
  • use a dehumidifier or an air conditioner to keep the humidity below 50%;
  • remove stuffed animals from circulation or wash them regularly while warm;
  • wash the bed linen in hot water and dry it with an iron at least once a week;
  • remove carpet in bedrooms if possible;
  • wear a mask when dusting;
  • vacuuming with brooms with HEPA filters;
  • wash the carpets in hot water and dry them hot.

In short, the best way to rid a home of most dust mites is to clean it regularly. No method will completely remove all dust mites, but many of these tips will help you get rid of a large number of these insects.

The wood mite

The dust mite is not the only insect called "mite" that can create problems for humans.

One of these is for example thewood mite, guilty of a potential very annoying dermatitis, generally occurring in the spring - summer period.

Wood mite dermatitis typically manifests itself with an allergic reaction characterized by itching and discomfort in covered areas of the body such as the belly or legs, 12-24 hours after the actual bites occurred.

Only in the case in which a large number of bites has been encountered, in addition to dermatitis, will you end up experiencing other symptoms such as malaise, fever, headache, diarrhea, vomiting.

Symptoms of the wood mite

Considering that the symptoms of a wood mite bite do not manifest immediately, it is sometimes difficult to actually trace these symptoms to their real cause.

In any case, the bite of the woodworm mite manifests itself with red bubbles, bumps on the skin that has come into contact with these insects.

It should also be taken into consideration that the wood mite has the habit of attacking the same area of ​​skin repeatedly, causing close and numerous bites, together with intense itching. It is therefore not uncommon for hundreds of punctures to be counted in the same portion of skin.

In conclusion, we recall that normally the bites of these insects are not painful, and that the only prejudice is that related to intense itching. It is precisely for this reason that we do not immediately notice what has happened.

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