Ornithine: characteristics and properties

Ornithine: characteristics and properties

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L'ornithine is an amino acid which belongs to the urea cycle, to be precise, it is an amino acid derivative with basic characteristics that is produced starting from arginine thanks to the intervention of the arginase enzyme and from which urea is then obtained. Let's get to know him better to understand why he is important to us.

Ornithine: characteristics

Ornithine is not a whatever element of the urea cycle but it is the amino acid that starts the cycle thanks to the possibility of interacting with carbamyl-phosphate to produce citrulline which is the substance that guarantees the continuation of the cycle, from the moment it leaves the mitochondrial matrix.

The rhythm of this cycle may change following prolonged fasting or high-protein diets, and becomes more intense because in these specific cases theoxidation of amino acids becomes a very important energy source.

Ornithine is a derived and non-essential amino acid, it is not necessarily necessary to take it because there is a metabolic pathway capable of providing for its synthesis. In particular, it can be obtained from casein, a protein abundant in milk, through the process of enzymatic hydrolysis conducted at 37 ° C. However, we can find ornithine in everyday food, especially if of animal origin, from meat to fish and from eggs to milk.

Ornithine: what is it for

Let's see what role ornithine plays within the urea cycle. This amino acid contributes to the correct detoxification process from ammonia, the accumulation of which could seriously compromise the state of health of the individual.

Before continuing, we must specify that despite being an amino acid, ornithine is not encoded by the genetic code because as we have seen it is synthesized by our body starting from arginine, conditionally essential amino acid that participates in protein synthesis.

This is the role that plays and that everyone knows, a biochemical-nutritional role linked to the urea cycle, but there is more. Many researchers are working on it who wish to investigate other aspects and other properties of this amino acid. They want to understand what role it plays in other contexts, for example in metabolic, physiological and hormonal processes.

Research is ongoing but there are already interesting results to be reported. For example it turned out that ornithine is an important anti-catabolic in the treatment of serious diseases, such as burns, severe trauma and cachexia, cases in which it contributes to optimizing the processes of protein synthesis.

In addition to contributing to the production of polyamines, some of which with a protective function against the intestinal barrier, ornithine acts as a precursor of the amino acid arginine, increasing the secretion of nitric oxide. This is important because it has many benefits from a vascular point of view and also for the musculature

Finally, it plays an anti-fatigue role. Taken in the correct doses it reduces the feeling of fatigue in those who practice sports in a healthy way, improving the excretion of ammonia.

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Ornithine: properties

The reason why this amino acid is most promoted on the market is related to its alleged anabolic effect but it is a bit of a stretch and it is not the aspect on which we want to focus our attention. There is much more to tell, for example that ornithine has a powerful detoxifying effect. What does it mean? Let's take an athlete who has just made a big physical effort and who then notices a decline in his performance, most likely related to the accumulation of ammonia derived mainly from amino acid oxidation. This amino acid, so the studies carried out show, can significantly improve the excretion of ammonia, consequently reducing the feeling of fatigue.

We can finally find also ornithine used due to its ergogenic action, attributable to the ornithine salt, which is why we find various ornithine supplements on sale such as ornithine alpha-keto glutarate.

Ornithine: doses

Before going to see the right dose for us it is important to have clear in mind what we need and why we are taking this substance. For example, if we are acting in clinical setting, we are looking for the anticatabolic and anticachectic effect for patients suffering from severe burns or undergoing major surgery. In this case, very high dosages are required.

Turning to a more experimental field, the dosages are high but not as high as in the hospital setting, reaching a maximum of 15 grams per day, with all the side effects of the case. The sports field is one in which the dosages are lower and in which ornithine must be taken in the training session, with a certain dose, and with another one on the day of the competition.

In general, it should always be taken on an empty stomach because otherwise digestion could disturb the absorption of this amino acid.

Where to buy an Ornithine supplement

The Ornithine supplements can be purchased online. If you want to rest assured about the quality of the product, we recommend ordering on the most well-known e-commerce stores, first of all, as always, Amazon, where the quality controls of the product are scrupulous and the shipping in a short time guaranteed.

Among the products that we point out the one proposed by Bioline Laboratories: 150 grams of Ornithine powder currently on sale at 17.6 Euros on this page.

The label in Italian is a further indication of the manufacturer's seriousness and reliability.



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