DIY leg scrub

DIY leg scrub

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Having smooth and healthy legs is the dream of all women, and often in order to achieve this goal, expensive products are used to buy in stores beauty, in a parapharmacy or pharmacy.

But is there really a need to buy these products on the market, perhaps spending several tens of euros?

In fact, you can easily make one DIY leg scrub which will certainly be for you, and which you can create with a few easy ingredients!

So keep reading our in-depth study today, and eventually you will be able to understand how you can create a fantastic scrub from scratch!

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What you need to make a DIY leg scrub

Like any self-respecting recipe, even in this case we want to start from the list of the very few ingredients that need to be prepared in order to make a DIY leg scrub.

Well, believe it or not, there are only three ingredients for this sugar-based scrub:

  • sugar (obviously!),
  • coconut oil,
  • essential oil citrus fruits such as lemon or orange.

We like to use lemon more, but orange will certainly satisfy your needs too. And if you don't have any essential oil on hand, you can always use fresh citrus fruits such as lemon or orange juice.

In short, take 1/4 of a cup of sugar, 3/4 of a cup of coconut oil and 15 - 20 drops of lemon essential oil or 3 tablespoons of fresh citrus juice (lemon, pineapple, orange, etc.) .

Done? Then we just have to move on to the preparation phase!

How to prepare the DIY leg scrub

In a bowl add it sugar, coconut oil (in solid state) and essential oil. Then, take the hand mixer and whip all the ingredients until the scrub is nice fluffy. Remember that there is still sugar in the mixture, so it will certainly not be as soft as an icing and ... that is our goal.

Once you have this compound, you just have to use it. In our judgment, the best way would be in the bath. Just use a small amount of this DIY scrub and rub into your legs before shaving to help exfoliate the skin.

If you want the scrub to be a little less rough, you can always immerse the bottom of the container in hot water in the sink and let the coconut oil warm up and soften a little before use.

Tips for using a leg scrub

When using the scrub, consider the simultaneous use of disposable razors. You may be surprised by the amount of residues that the scrub is able to purify, including dead skin and hair. In short, do not be disgusted if the water gets a little dirty with some residue of dirt, because it is completely normal and, after all, it is precisely the goal you want to achieve through the scrub!

And if you don't like seeing these residues of dirt, the simplest and most practical trick is certainly to use this scrub in the shower. Just make sure you aim the shower head away from your legs when you are applying the scrub.

Store the leg scrub

You may also be wondering at this point how long this sugar scrub can to last. Well, the good news is that this compound has a rather long shelf life.

Once you have prepared it, you can in fact keep it in small jars to be used from time to time. Citrus fruits on the one hand and the lack of water in the recipe on the other, in fact, helps the scrub to preserve itself.

When you feel like using it, just pick up some of the scrub with a spoon and use it in the shower or in the bathtub. Avoid dipping your hands in the container where you stored the scrub or taking the container with you in the bath or shower, as you could contaminate it with bacteria.

If you've read the preceding lines carefully, you should have been able to make a fantastic DIY leg scrub.

We remind you that alternative recipes on the web abound quite abundantly, and that therefore you can draw on your creativity and your tastes in order to arrive at the definition of a super customizable recipe.

Let us know what you think, and if this or other recipes you find on this site have been really useful to you for better health of your legs and, more generally, of your body!


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