Do-it-yourself sink plunger

Do-it-yourself sink plunger

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Unclogging drains in a natural way? It is simple and particularly effective, because it will allow you to get a better health of your sink, without having to resort to chemicals that could be expensive and dangerous for your well-being.

But how is one made do it yourself sink plunger? What are the best tricks to be able to do it really effectively?

We have good news for you: we will see together how we can make one do it yourself sink plunger fully effective, thus giving up the call to a plumber!

How to unclog the sink

As you can well guess, unclogging the sink is a rather frequent necessity, given that sinks tend to clog up easily, from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Lucky for you, don't think that unclog the sink is an impossible undertaking! In most cases you will be able to solve the problem in a few minutes, at no cost and using a natural product, such as bicarbonate, which acts as a real do it yourself sink plunger.

This way you can avoid buying and using chemicals that could give you the same results, but with higher costs and dangers to your health.

How to unclog the sink with a natural remedy

Introduced the above, we can try to understand how to unclog the sink with a natural remedy, or with a kind of do-it-yourself detergent that can allow you to achieve an effective result in a completely natural, effective and harmless way for health.

To do this, all you will need are:

  • 150 grams of fine salt;
  • 150 grams of baking soda;
  • hot and boiling water.

In short, these are ingredients that you should already have at home, and that we are sure you can certainly find - if not - at the nearest supermarket.

Once you have recovered all the ingredients, proceed to combine the 150 grams of salt with 150 grams of baking soda together in a container. Mix well, to be able to mix the two elements obtaining a mixture as homogeneous as possible, and then pour the contents into the drain that is giving you problems of clogging.

At this point you will have to "activate" the compound. To do this, simply pour one and a half liters of hot, boiling water into the sink drain.

You just have to wait: the activation above should in fact remove any debris that can clog the sink.

Also keep in mind that this activity can be carried out not only to solve obvious problems, but also from a preventive point of view, by repeating the operation at least once a month.

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Tips for unclogging the sink in a natural way

In addition to the above, they naturally also exist other methods to unclog the sink, although the recipe we summarized in the last paragraph is usually able to solve a good part of the most common problems.

For example, as alternative recipes to unclog the sink, we can remember how often it is sufficient to pour carbonated drinks, able to solve the smallest problems in a few minutes.

Or, you can still buy one professional sink plunger. This is a particular tool equipped with a suction cup, which will allow you to act with pressure on the sink inlet. Pour boiling water gradually, and the mix between the pressure action of the plunger and the hot water should allow you to move even the most stubborn traffic jams.

If, on the other hand, you still see difficulties in unclogging the sink, because you are sure there is some stubborn residue, help yourself with a metal stick, such as those you can find for mallet irons, or for the iron wires of the coat hanger spreaders. Slowly insert it into the sink and try to perform a mechanical action to remove any hitches, always helping with hot water, which will soften some solid and hard residue.

At this point, with these simple methods, you should be able to resolve any prejudices.

Remember that in order to avoid these problems the best thing to do is to take care of your sink from a preventive point of view, i.e. avoiding neglecting the first signs of clogging until they become so important as to no longer allow the regular flow of water. .

A preventive care of the sink once a month will allow you to obtain the best benefits in this area, avoiding you expensive extraordinary repairs.

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