Bougainvillea pruning: when and how to do it

Bougainvillea pruning: when and how to do it

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Bougainvillea pruning:when and how. The right technique for cutting branches and obtaining abundant blooms, year after year.

The bougainvillea that does not bloom can be the consequence of an incorrect onepruning. On the other hand, if you forget to prune bougainvillea even for just one year, you will end up with a plant that is more prone to disease, as well as being extremely bushy and messy! This is why it is essential to understand how to prune bougainvillea.

Therebougainvilleait is a plant that can reach and even go beyond 10 meters in height. Pruning is necessary both to contain its development and to keep it healthy. Let's see when is how to prune bougainvillea.

Bouganville pruning: period

When to prune bougainvillea? Pruning can be done at two different times of the year.

The first time is in late winter, before the plant begins to sprout. The second period falls in the summer. Not everyone knows that the periodsummer may be suitable for thebougainvilla pruningand other flowering plants.

Bougainvillea pruning can also be divided into two stages. That is, in the first pruning the damaged branches are eliminated and in the second pruning the actual pruning is carried out.

With the first pruning, the elimination of dry branches, which grow abnormally or damaged by the cold, is performed. These branches can become areceptaclefor various plant pathogens. If this “cleaning” pruning is not carried out, the plant can be more exposed to diseases at the time of vegetative restart. The period to perform this pruning varies: from late winter in the south to early spring in the center-north. In any case, it is necessary to act before the new shoots are re-grown.

When to prune bougainvillea?

You can choose between two periods: in early spring, before the resumption of flowering vegetative activity. Or in late summer / early autumn, when the plant is at the end of flowering.

Who is more zealous, can perform two pruning operations. It can perform a first cleaning in early spring and a second pruning in summer.

There are those who recommendprune bougainvilleadirectly in spring but there is the risk of cutting the branches that could produce flowers. This is why it is safer to act at the end of flowering, when the dried flowers are still on the plant.

Bougainvillea pruning: the right technique

The cuts must be clean and precise. Make sure you have garden shears with sharp, clean blades. If the plant is now tall, it is advisable to bring a couple ofshears with telescopic handleso as to reach the most distant parts.

Look at the plant as a whole. Is it exaggerating in growth? Based on this preliminary observation, you will be able to understand which branches to cut to contain their expansion. The branches to be eliminated will be eliminated at the base, staying as close as possible to the living part of the wood.

All broken, dry or damaged branches must be eliminated at the base.

Branches that are growing excessively in length, changing the shape of the plant, can be shortened. The branches can be shortened by at least one third of their height. If you do not want to shorten any branches, because the plant still has to reach the desired expansion, you can "trim" the tips of the branches by eliminating only the flowers that are now dry and are at the apex.

By eliminating the dried flowers at the apex, the plant will gain vitality. The reason? The plant invests all its energies for the production of flowers and seeds. By removing the dried flower, the plant will have more energy for itself.

Which branches to cut?
In addition to those listed so far, you can also cut the lateral shoots, those that come out of the shape of the plant.

To avoid ending up with onebougainvillea that does not bloom, know that this plantit blooms on the branches that formed the previous year. This means that in yourspruningyou will need to be careful not to eliminate the young twigs that have just developed. Right on those young twigs, the plant will go to producebougainvillea flowersduring the following summer.

You can, on the other hand, shorten older branches. When the vegetation is dense, shortening or eliminating the oldest branches is essential for air circulation and to allow light to penetrate better inside the dense canopy.

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