Konjac sponge: what it is and where to buy it

Konjac sponge: what it is and where to buy it

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Konjac sponge: what it is, opinions and where to buy. How to use it and what you should know about the konjac sponge, the sponge of vegetable origin that everyone likes.

Have you ever thought about the composition material of the sponges and sponges you use at home? Sponge is a soft and porous material which, however, most often has animal origins.

Natural sponges

The sponge is a marine animal, it covers rocky bottoms and is characterized by a naturally porous fiber. They exist on the marketsynthetic spongesisnatural sponges. Natural sponges are those used asbath spongespongesfor cosmetics or sponges for home hygiene.

Theartificial spongesthey are manufactured with cellulose fiber and expanded plastic polymers, they are used both for cosmetics and for home hygiene.

There is another family ofnatural sponges, those obtained fromkonjac. In this case, however, it is aboutnatural sponges of vegetable origin.

Note: another natural sponge of plant origin is known as Luffa. Konjac has completely different characteristics from Luffa.

Konjac: what it is

There konjac spongeis a natural sponge of plant origin that is accumulating very positive opinions.

Konjac is the common name of an Asian plant (Amorphophallus konjac). It is a plant with an edible bulb, native to Yunnan (China) and cultivated throughout subtropical Asia, from Japan to Southern China to Indonesia.

It is a perennial plant already exploited by the agro-food sector and today also by the cosmetic sector. Fromkonjaca low-calorie gluten-free flour is obtained. One kg of konjac flour has only 60 calories (yes, one kg !!!) while one kg of wheat flour has 3680 calories. For this reason, konjac flour is very popular for those who want to lose weight. An interesting gelatin is also obtained from this plant, used in the USA and Canada but not in Europe and Australia. From the Konjac plant, snacks and foods of various kinds are obtained, which are also very interesting for vegans or, in general, for those who love to follow a very varied diet.

Therekonjac spongewas born in Korea where it quickly became popular for massage and a light facial scrub. Recently, thekonjac spongeit has also become popular in the West.

Konjac sponge

Therekonjac spongeit is very popular because it can also be used by those with very sensitive skin. Those with sensitive skin, especially on the face, generally avoid any type of scrub or intense facial cleansing. The konjac sponge does not irritate and can be used for the natural cleansing of the skin of the face even by those who, generally, have skin prone to redness.

It is perfect for removing make-up, much better than wipes. It is an excellent ally for cleaning the face because thanks to its microporous structure it acts as an excellent natural exfoliant.

Therekonjac spongeit is produced starting from the root of the homonymous plant. As well as the root of origin, also thekonjac spongehas an alkaline pH, so it can be used safely on the skin, without negatively impacting the pH.

Konjac root is rich in vitamins A, C, D and E, B vitamins and other trace elements such as zinc, iron and magnesium. If this is fundamental information in nutritional terms, when the konjac sponge is used for cosmetic purposes it has no value.

Konjac sponge: how to use it

Unlike more "modern" products, the konjac sponge does not have rotating heads, nor does it make mechanized movements. You have to use it as you would with a sponge or a cotton ball: use the sponge to massage the skin evenly, it will have an excellent exfoliating effect.

With its natural massage, the sponge helps to remove dead skin cells, prevent blackheads and pimples. In addition, thanks to the massage, it reactivates the blood microcirculation.

If you use natural make-up, you can soak the sponge with warm water and use it for face cleansing (as a natural makeup remover).

How does this vegetable sponge differ from a classic sponge? The plot. The roots of the plant from which this sponge is produced give life to an extremely porous mass. This detail is no small feat! You can also understand this by adding a single drop of detergent.

Let's be clear, this sponge can be used with simple hot water, however those wishing to use detergent (preferably natural!) Can do so by reducing the doses. Thanks to the micropores, the sponge will make the most of the detergent by producing more foam than a conventional sponge would.

Konjac: where to buy

Where to buy it? In herbal medicine, in natural shops or by taking advantage of online sales. On the market there are also "colored" konjac sponges but with "natural dyes" used "officially" to enhance their properties. In reality, there is no evidence that the addition of charcoal extracts or expanded clay can actually assist in a targeted action. We think rather that a dye (fortunately natural) can make the sponges more pleasant to look at. Officially, the added substances should:

  • Black color. The sponge is enriched with vegetable carbon which have a good absorbent power. Useful for those with oily skin.
  • Red. Enriched with red clay, useful for combating wrinkles.
  • Green. Perfect for dry skin, enriched with aloe extract.

Where to buy it?Among the various products on the market, we recommend the one on "this Amazon page", 100% natural and with an excellent value for money: 5 pieces are offered at a price of € 12.99 with free shipping.

Colored sponges don't have who knows how different properties

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