Solar Car: Lightyear One on sale from 2021

Solar Car: Lightyear One on sale from 2021

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L'Lightyear One solar car it is destined to be a success. Three years to its official release and about 100 models have already been sold (pre-sales are open). Let's see all the details.

There Lightyearis a Dutch startup that presented an electric car powered by solar power, the One.

We speak of "solar car" because the bodywork is intact solar panels which provide charging energy and embellish the design. The startup has promised to deliver the solar cars in early 2021. Series production will begin in mid-2020 at the Helmond plant.

Features of the Lightyear One

The car looks like one sedan five-seater. Thesize? 506 cm long, 190 cm wide and 143 cm high. The load capacity of the boot is 780 liters but can reach 1701 liters by sacrificing the rear seat.

The solar car could only come with a wireless key starting system.

When it comes toelectric carsthe first doubts that arise concern autonomy. With theLightyear Onethere is no risk of being left without a recharge for two reasons:

  • battery charging is provided by the sun
  • the batteries are able to store electrical energy to ensure aautonomyof 725 km

Charging times vary. When the batteries are recharged using theintegrated solar cells, an hour is needed to increase the range of 12 km.

With the "Fast charging" charging station, a range of 570 km can be reached in one hour.

With a simple domestic socket, you can reach 350 km of autonomy by leaving the car charging at night. But why charge the car at home if the sedan is parked in the sun at work ?! Such an extended range is not achieved even by the top of the range of the electric car market, the Tesla Model S.

Lightyear One solar car

The real peculiarity of the Lightyear One are the solar cells. The integrated photovoltaic modules completely cover the front and rear bonnets and the roof of the car.

The photovoltaic modules cover an area of ​​five square meters and are integrated within a safety glass. Should we fear breakdowns and disasters? No, the Dutch startup says that an adult can walk on the hood of the car or on the roof without scratching the solar cells in the least.

Thanks to the photovoltaic coating, the One solar car is able to recharge itself every time it is exposed to the sun.

How much does the One electric car consume?

We are used to commensurate the kilometers traveled to the quantity of petrol consumed, expressed in liters. With the electric cars consumption changes. THE consumption of the sedan Lightyear One amount to 83 Wh per km.

In one year, traveling an average of 62 km per day, consumption reaches 5591 Wh. Don't worry, electricity does not necessarily have to come from the electricity grid, even the sun does its part.

According to the official data, theLightyear One solar carit can generate 20,000 km of autonomy per year with the usual sun exposure. This means that, every day, about 55 km of walking are offered by the sun!

Power and weight

While the data of the accumulators have not yet been disclosed, bydata sheetof the solar car, the data on power, speed and torque appear.

The electric car is equipped with four motors mounted individually on the wheels. In practice, it is a four-wheel drive car where the engines return a total capacity of 100 kW (136 hp). The maximum torque is 1200 Nm. The maximum speed has been limited to 150 km / h to optimize the efficiency of the accumulators.

Lightyear One Solar Car: Price

The innovative manufacturers have made everything official, both release date and launch price. It is true that the Lightyear One solar car will be released in 2021 but there are those who have already bought it in advance.

The Dutch startup, in fact, has made everything official: release, price and versions. The first 500 buyers to win alightyear One solar carthey will receive it at the beginning of 2021 in the “Pioneer Edition” version. The price?

The list price starts from 149.00 euros. The startup has also already provided a leasing plan where it is possible to stipulate a long-term rental agreement starting from cost monthly of 1,879 euros.


The addition of solar panels and safety glass further weighed on the overall weight of the car. Electric cars are generallycriticizeddue to the excessive weight of the accumulators (storage batteries). The One, due to the weight of the accumulators peculiar to theelectric carsdoes add that ofphotovoltaic modules.

To solve the weight problem, Lightyear engineers used a lot of expensive and light materials such as carbon fiber. Despite the massive use of carbon fiber and aluminum, the car meets all safety standards.

Released in Italy

The only sales channel is Lightyear itself, so we won't have to wait for a release date for Italy. Those interested in the car can pay the deposit required for the presale.

As this is a startup, direct sales are foreseen, in a widespread manner, between the various European states and beyond.

The cost of the presale? 19,000 euros for the Pioneer Edition and 4,000 euros for the classic Lightyear one version. Are you afraid of buying a car that has not yet come out? Know that the startup lets you know that if something goes wrong, the entire deposit paid will be refunded.


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