Clean the navel with natural remedies

Clean the navel with natural remedies

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Clean the navel with natural remedies: useful tips and the most effective ingredients to prevent any kind of infection or irritation.

Perhaps not everyone knows that our navel is a receptacle for germs; it is indeed one of the favorite places of bacteria and fungi! Dust, wool residues and fabrics lurk in the navel, and it can also be subject to infections and redness caused by localized sweating. Pay close attention especially if you have a piercing and it is never taken off.

Among the most frequent infections we mention omphalitis, an infection often associated with poor navel hygiene. That's why it's good to make sure it's always clean!

Clean the navel with natural remedies

The navel is an area of ​​the body that we tend to neglect but which must be kept clean. Its proper hygiene can avoid infections that are harmful to the health of our body.

As already mentioned, dust, tissue residues, dead cells released by our skin or the sebum produced by our body lurk in the navel.

In the meantime, it should be noted that if we take a shower every day, it is not so necessary to clean the navel; hot water and soap wash the area. In these cases, however, it is essential to dry both the inside and outside of the navel well. In fact, another factor not to be underestimated is the water that settles after being washed. After taking a shower or bath, you must be sure to carefully dry the navel area.

But be careful, if you feel redness or itching do not hesitate to contact your doctor. But how do you clean your navel properly? On this page we will provide you with valuable tips to clean the navel effectively thanks to some natural remedies.

Tea tree oil

Among the properties of tea tree oil we mention its antifungal action which makes it a real ally against infections and fungi. To clean the navel, just pour a drop of this essential oil on a cotton swab and apply it inside the navel. Be careful not to exceed the quantity of oil, to avoid irritating the umbilical area.

Alcohol with rosemary

Another natural remedy for cleaning the navel is alcohol with rosemary, especially if you suffer from omphalitis. In addition to being an excellent cleanser for our navel, it also releases a rather pleasant smell thanks to its flavoring properties, therefore, suitable for eliminating the bad smell that comes from the navel. Again, just use a cotton swab to apply it. Before proceeding, cleanse the navel with soap and dry it carefully

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil also proves to be a valid natural option for cleaning and disinfecting the navel. A few drops are enough to apply on the cotton swab to keep impurities and bad smells away.

Coconut oil

A highly appreciated remedy for body care and beauty is coconut oil. Its use is especially effective in preventing any bacteria or fungi in the navel. In fact, coconut oil has therapeutic properties capable of reducing bacteria proliferated in the navel. However, this solution should be applied after having already cleaned the navel with tea tree oil or rosemary alcohol.

Where to buy it and how much it costs

Coconut oil is readily available in herbalists and specialized natural shops. If you prefer, you can take advantage of online shopping, and in this case we recommend a product with an excellent value for money.

At “this Amazon page” you can find aorganic coconut oilperfect for food or cosmetic use. A 500ml jar costs 11.97 euros with free shipping.

Water and salt

Continuing with the solutions useful in cleaning the navel, it is necessary to mention the positive effects of the water and salt mix. If you want to effectively clean the navel, however, you must resort to the marine one, since iodized salt does not help prevent infections.

Please note

If you have problems with irritation, itching or redness in the umbilical area, we recommend that you resort to the solutions we have suggested at least once a week. They will help you prevent any infections that can affect this delicate area of ​​your body.

Take care of your navel even when you are on the beach! Often even exposure to the sun or the deposit of sand can cause irritation or infection. You can remedy this by covering the navel well with a plaster.

If you have already developed an infection, you must consult your doctor to treat the infection in the most appropriate way

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